Fixed network carriers and operators such as PTTs, IXCs, CLECs, ILECs, and cable operators typically have significant access and/or core network assets, but business models that vary widely depending upon the customers served and the regions of operation. While some are investing in infrastructure to support the delivery of more value-added services to their existing customer bases, others are looking to augment revenues through the addition of wholesale services.

For most fixed network carriers, microwave radio equipment is used in lieu of copper or fiber when those transmission media are unavailable. Although equipment cost is of concern, equally important considerations include the ability to transport Ethernet and TDM traffic concurrently, equipment uptime and reliability, and integration with existing physical structures and network equipment. For these reasons, all-indoor or split-mount microwave radio equipment is often preferred, due to its suitability for hybrid TDM/IP applications, the variety of equipment protection options available, and the ability to leverage legacy infrastructure.

In addition to all-outdoor equipment, Exalt offers a comprehensive portfolio of all-indoor and split-mount equipment that addresses the full array of TDM and IP requirements while providing multiple equipment redundancy options.

Service Providers
Broadband or Internet service providers typically compete with established carriers and operators on price and/or customer segmentation, with rural market coverage and wholesale services the common business models. In many cases, these service providers leverage wireless technologies to provide both access connections and backhaul to and from access networks.

Capacity requirements for service provides run the gamut from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, while band requirements include both licensed and license-exempt. Service providers are looking to minimize both capital outlay and recurring monthly charges in order to support relatively short-term payback requirements. In many cases, the use of all-outdoor radio equipment is preferred, as it minimizes both equipment costs and operating expenses.

Exalt ExtendAir®, ExploreAir® and ExtremeAir® systems comprise the industry's largest portfolio of all-outdoor radio equipment, providing service providers with numerous options to address every application in their networks.

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