World’s First Semi-protected, 1.5+0 Configuration
Until now, system designers had two options for protecting equipment on microwave links. They could either not protect the radio equipment, an approach referred to as 1+0 (primary radio plus no backup radio); or they could fully protect the radio equipment with a second radio, an approach referred to as 1+1 or N+1 (primary radio(s) plus a backup radio).

Although 1+1 links are fully redundant, they come at a price that can be as much as 2x the price of a 1+0 link.

With the introduction of the Exalt's all-indoor EX-i GigE series radio systems, Exalt offers the world’s first semi-protected, 1.5+0 configuration, providing system designers with a protection alternative that balances system cost with redundancy. For a little more than the price of an unprotected 1+0 system, designers can now provide redundancy for the critical RF components.

The secret to this capability? Exalt Transmit and Receive Availability (EXtra™), a unique internally redundant architecture that provides integrated dual receivers for built-in receiver protection and/or built-in space diversity, transmit fail-safe switching and other redundancy features in a single system.

Exalt1.5+0 v2

As mobile operators migrate their networks to LTE and as other network owners increasingly shift traffic from TDM to IP, redundancy requirements are changing and cost is paramount. The semi-protected, 1.5+0 option allows network designers to combine the inherently redundant nature of IP with RF component protection to strike an ideal balance between cost and redundancy.

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