Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to planning a microwave deployment. The more accurate the information, the more successful the installation. That’s why Exalt provides access to the resources and tools that are most helpful in pre- and post-sales support activities, including the Exalt Path Profiler and Link Calculator. For access to these tools, simply login to your Exalt account. If you do not have an Exalt website account, registration takes only minutes.

Exalt Path Profiler
Use this tool to help determine line-of-sight and path clearance requirements. It also provides link distance, bearing and elevation angle information.

Exalt Link Budget Calculator
Use this tool to determine antenna and transmission equipment requirements to meet link availability goals, and predict the received signal, fade margin, availability, throughput and latency of a link.


Exalt Introduces ExtendAir G2
Up to 370 Mbps, Lowest Cost Per-Bit

Power of 1

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