Private networks can be as architecturally simple as connections between buildings on a campus or as complex as a multi-tiered network used for the control and monitoring of critical infrastructure distributed over hundreds or thousands of square kilometers. In fact, the largest private networks can easily surpass some mobile networks in their complexity and scale.

Such networks may be associated with government agencies – local, state, federal; with utilities – electrical, gas, water; with transportation companies such as railroads; with educational institutions – whether universities or secondary schools; with hospitals; and with enterprises of all types from small to midsize to multinational.

Despite their diversity, these private networks share a common trait: a steady increase in the data traffic they need to carry. As consumer devices such as the iPhone make their way into the corporate environment, so too do the consumer applications – video and social networking, for example. As concerns about the security of public spaces and critical infrastructure are elevated, new infrastructure is dedicated to monitoring these spaces and infrastructure.

Regardless of the nature of the demand, private network operators of all types can expand their networks, support the newest IP-based applications, and eliminate recurring leased line costs using Exalt’s powerful, secure, and highly reliable microwave backhaul systems.

Exalt Introduces ExtendAir G2
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