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Exalt Communications Introduces the Industry's Fastest 5GHz Microwave Backhaul Radio

New carrier-class Gigabit Ethernet radios deliver up to 440 Mbps throughput, native TDM and native Ethernet on tri-band platform

CAMPBELL, Calif., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Exalt Communications (, the leading innovator in next-generation wireless backhaul, today introduced EX-r GigE series ( of microwave radios delivering the industry's highest-capacity Gigabit Ethernet microwave, covering all three 5 GHz bands in a single carrier-class system. With the introduction of the EX-r GigE series, wireless operators, enterprises and broadcasters now have a secure, reliable microwave platform that delivers the bandwidth they need for campus connectivity, camera backhaul, 3G or 4G backhaul, WiMAX backhaul, and high-definition video broadcast. Moreover, the EX-r GigE series enables these organizations to maximize their investment and migrate their infrastructure, as this series is the only platform to deliver true native Ethernet and native TDM support integrated in a single system.

"Oddly enough, today's wireless operators and enterprises find themselves in a similar predicament; both face a severe bandwidth crunch in their transport networks that cannot be economically solved with leased lines or fiber," stated Amir Zoufounoun, president and CEO of Exalt Communications. "As network capacity demands continue to accelerate, both groups need scalable lower-cost alternatives to leased lines that can accommodate high throughput for multiple applications. They also need a flexible platform that includes license-exempt products so that they can deploy these services quickly, reliably and easily. The EX-r GigE series is the only platform that meets all of these requirements."

Delivering the highest throughput in the industry, the EX-5r GigE and EX-5r-c GigE tri-band 5 GHz all-outdoor radios are designed to address a variety of capacity-intensive applications that previously could be served only with short-range radios such as 60 GHz and E-band radios, or optical fiber. These new high capacity radios outperform the nearest 5 GHz band competitors by more than 50 percent. In addition, the GigE series delivers 440 Mbps aggregate throughput at link ranges of up to 15 miles with guaranteed five 9s (99.999 percent) availability. By contrast, weather sensitive radios operating in the 60 to 80 GHz bands are typically limited to a range of one to three miles.

As more and more mobile IP devices such as Apple's iPhone connect to the network, the strain on wireless operators' backhaul networks has severely crippled their overall capacity and throughput. On the enterprise side, IT is tasked with deploying new productivity enhancing applications like VoIP, video, Web 2.0 and more, but the current generation of enterprise networks doesn't provide the necessary bandwidth, while adding new leased lines or running new fiber would be economically prohibitive. Exalt's Ex-r GigE series solves these problems by providing the required speed with the flexibility of wireless.

"Enterprises and service providers need more bandwidth, but they also need to preserve their existing infrastructure investment for as long as possible. Adding additional leased lines to the equation is often a budget-killing process," said Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst for leading industry analyst firm Infonetics. "GigE microwave radios provide a flexible solution that can be deployed immediately, providing the wired speeds necessary and securely."

"As our bandwidth requirements started to expand, it quickly became clear that the leased lines we had in place were not able to meet our capacity needs. We needed to find a solution that was able to achieve what we were looking for in terms of throughput," said Kelly Wright, president, Partnership Broadband, Inc. "Exalt's EX-r GigE radio did exactly that. Not only did the radio's performance exceed every facet of the next best product's specifications, but Exalt's flexible architecture made it easy for us to adjust throughput in either direction for maximum performance. Better yet, the pay back cycle of the radio was minimal and we were able to more than double our capacity compared to the leased lines previously in use."

The EX-r GigE series was specifically designed to deliver the ultra-high capacity wireless operators and enterprises require for their next-generation networks. Customers such as Partnership Broadband, Inc. are able to capitalize on Exalt's market leading 80:20 traffic symmetry control to accommodate highly asymmetric traffic such as video surveillance, broadcast, and storage backup. The EX-r GigE series also features the same innovations that are included across all Exalt radio platforms, including  the ability to remotely upgrade and manage the radios, user-selectable bandwidth and modulation, low latency, and advanced interference avoidance with industry leading spectral efficiency, tuning resolution, spectrum management, and system collocation using ExaltSync.

The EX-r GigE radios are available in two versions, offering maximum deployment flexibility. The EX-5r GigE features a high performance integrated antenna, while the EX-5r-c GigE includes type-N female connectors for flexible external antenna mounting. Along with the exceptional Ethernet capacity, the EX-5r and EX-5r-c provide up to four T1/E1 ports. And, to ensure the highest level of security, Exalt provides proprietary link security and integrated AES 128- and 256-bit encryption for the most demanding backhaul, enterprise and broadcast applications. Both models are available for immediate delivery through Exalt authorized channel partners.

Interested parties can find out more about the EX-r GigE series here:

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Partnership Broadband, Inc.

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Exalt Communications

Exalt Communications provides next generation wireless backhaul systems for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Exalt solutions address the network bottlenecks associated with the growing demand for IP-based voice, data and video applications and the resulting migration from TDM to IP-based networks. With a flexible architecture and technology-agnostic product platform covering multiple market segments, Exalt provides a full-range of carrier-class wireless backhaul solutions for any access technology or campus connectivity as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to fiber and leased lines.

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