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Exalt Communications Announces Release of 5 GHZ Tri-Band DS3 Wireless Backhaul System

Carrier-class EX-5i-DS3 delivers unmatched flexibility, supporting all 5 GHz sub-bands in one system

CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 27, 2007 –Exalt Communications, the leading innovator of next generation wireless backhaul systems, today announced the release of its new EX-5i-DS3, high capacity wireless backhaul system. The EX-5i-DS3 radio from Exalt supports all three 5 GHz sub-bands in one system, providing unmatched flexibility, performance, and cost effectiveness for seamless migration from TDM to IP services.

Developed specifically to meet the demanding and changing requirements of the carrier-class service providers and mission critical enterprise applications, the EX-5i-DS3 provides a cost-effective and flexible solution to quickly increase DS3, T1, and Ethernet capacity, eliminating the cost and long lead times associated with leased lines. The 5i-DS3 all-indoor system carries low latency native TDM and native IP, and boasts unprecedented software expandability to add capacity on demand. Next generation features include high-precision 1 MHz tuning across 600MHz of spectrum, and variable channel bandwidth to mitigate interference, high security SNMPv3 management, proprietary link security coding, and AES encryption functionality, Monitored Hot Standby, and ExaltSync™ for high-density system collocation of multiple Exalt radios in close proximity and frequency without self-interference.

“Exalt continues to focus on innovation and performance enhancements to its expanding line of next generation wireless backhaul solutions. The EX5i-DS3 combines unmatched performance, capacity, and flexibility into one radio,” said Amir Zoufonoun, president and CEO of Exalt Communications. “Exalt is redefining the wireless backhaul space with solutions to address the most demanding applications in a cost-effective manner. The EX5i-DS3 delivers fast and significant ROI for carrier-class backhaul requirements and is ideal for migration from TDM to IP services.”

About Exalt Communications

Exalt Communications provides next generation wireless backhaul systems for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Exalt solutions address the network bottlenecks associated with the growing demand for IP-based voice, data and video applications and the resulting migration from TDM to IP-based networks. With a flexible architecture and technology-agnostic product platform covering multiple market segments, Exalt provides a full-range of carrier-class wireless backhaul solutions for any access technology as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to fiber and leased lines. For more information about Exalt Communications and its family of wireless backhaul products, please visit

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