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Exalt Communications Announces License-Exempt Family of Next Generation Wireless Backhaul Systems With Industry-Leading Performance

World’s First Carrier Class Microwave Radios Provide Unprecedented Speeds at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Tri-Band Frequencies, With Native Ethernet and Native TDM

CAMPBELL, Calif., Oct. 15, 2007 – Exalt Communications announced worldwide availability of its license-exempt EX-i series and EX-r series of next generation wireless backhaul solutions. These microwave radios are available in 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz Tri-Band (5.25-5.35 GHz, 5.47-5.725 GHz, and 5.725-5.850 GHz bands) frequency ranges and in all-indoor and all-outdoor configurations. Exalt wireless solutions not only alleviate costly and troublesome backhaul and interconnect issues facing carriers and other organizations, but also provide the fastest and the most cost-effective migration path from TDM to IP. With a flexible architecture and technology-agnostic product platform, covering multiple market segments, Exalt is emerging as a one-stop-shop provider of future-proof wireless backhaul solutions for carriers deploying access networks including GSM, WiMAX, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Mesh, WCDMA, GPRS, HSPA, and EV-DO, and for enterprises deploying private fiber-speed campus networks in place of new fiber or leased lines.

“Exalt wireless backhaul solutions provide the quality and flexibility that my customers need, regardless of industry, application, frequency, or access technology,” said Rick Greene, president of Wireless Data Systems, an Elite VAR for Exalt Communications. “Our end users range from utility companies, schools, healthcare providers and other enterprises with a wide-ranging variety of requirements. Exalt radios provide carrier-class quality and reliability, which meet or exceed the needs of each application. The demand for Exalt radios has significantly increased over the last six months with new and existing customers.”

“Exalt Communications has been building the platform that will deliver the broadest portfolio of carrier class products in the wireless backhaul space,” said Amir Zoufonoun, CEO and founder of Exalt. “The license-exempt products are key components of the overall offering needed to fully satisfy our diverse customer base. With rapid deployment as the primary advantage of these systems, customers also enjoy carrier class performance with the highest functionality and the lowest overall cost per megabit-mile on the market today.”

The Exalt systems have been installed and proven in a variety of mission critical applications including cell site backhaul, last mile fiber extension, security and surveillance camera backhaul, mining backbone networks, video broadcast transmission, and many campus networks in healthcare, education, manufacturing, industrial, utility, and government organizations. Virtually all of these applications include multiple T1 or E1 lines as well as high capacity Ethernet connectivity. The EX-i series and the EX-r series are ideal solutions as they provide integrated native TDM and native IP connections with minimal latency. Furthermore, with embedded SNMPv3 network management coupled with a suite of link security features including AES128 and AES256, these systems are deployed in the most demanding networks as alternatives to new fiber, leased lines, or traditional microwave.

“I needed a cost-effective solution that could provide more bandwidth, higher reliability, and not require special tools to deploy. We partnered with Wireless Data Systems (WDS) of Wilmington, NC, and Exalt Communications for a unique solution that not only addressed my existing operations and business expansion challenges, but provided more than ample room for growth,” said Sean Middleton, Manager of Engineering, Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative (IREC) in Winchester, Illinois. “Exalt delivered a product that eliminated costly truck-rolls and can be managed remotely. We were able to reuse cables and antennas, and instantly upgrade critical infrastructure to extend our services reliably to the most remote rural communities in the state.”

The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz tri-band radios are currently available in volume and include both the all-indoor configurations (EX-i Series) with coaxial connection to a passive antenna, and the rugged all-outdoor configurations (EX-r Series) with power over Ethernet cable. The all-outdoor models can be ordered with either integrated antennas or with connectors for external antenna mounting and all come with a 2-year standard warranty. Software enabled low-latency TDM and IP interfaces are standard in all models. These integrated interfaces include various combinations of native T1/E1, DS3, Fractional T1/E1, and native 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports.

Other features include:

.Embedded SNMPv3, HTTP server, and CLI/Telnet
.Link security coding and encryption
.Monitored hot standby (MHS) equipment protection
.ExaltSync™ with internal and GPS synchronization
.Asymmetrical transmission, ideal for video applications
.Wide temperature operation over -40 to +65 degrees C
.Single spare radio serves both ends of the link
.Wide mouth power supply
.Exalt EX-i and EX-r series of carrier class products have been optimized for the highest level of functionality, performance, and reliability in the license-exempt bands and are ideal for long distance backhaul and interconnect applications with link availabilities exceeding 99.999%, or less than 5 minutes of outage per year. In addition, by using advanced modem, RF, and signal processing techniques, these products offer a unique set of features and tools to maximize the use of the available spectrum and avoid interference and noise. Some of these exceptional features include:

.High spectral efficiency with high system gain for high capacity at long range
.Unmatched integrated synchronization functionality for high density co-location applications
.Software configurable receiver bandwidth, modulation, and capacity for maximum frequency reuse
.Dynamic frequency selection (DFS) to meet worldwide regulatory requirements
.Built-in spectrum analyzer for ease of deployment and RF environment monitoring
.Software selectable antenna polarization for simple installation and reconfiguration
.Software selectable transmit power for better RF control
.Tri-band 5.2-5.8GHz all-in-one design for maximizing the number of available RF channels
.Unsurpassed precision 1MHz tuning resolution for best-in-class interference avoidance
.The all-indoor EX-i series and all-outdoor EX-r series of license-exempt products are currently certified to operate under multiple regulatory domains including FCC, IC, ETSI, Cofetel, ACMA, NTC, and NCA. These products are either approved or in the process of approval or homologation in more than 40 countries around the world.

Sample Listing of EX-i and EX-r series of products:

 5.2-5.8 GHz 2T1/E1 + 10/100BaseTAll-indoor
 EX-5i 5.2-5.8 GHz 2T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-indoor
 EX-5i-16 5.2-5.8 GHz 16T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-indoor
 EX-5i-DS3 5.2-5.8 GHz DS3 + 16T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-indoor
 EX-2.4i 2.4 GHz 4T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-indoor
 EX-2.4i-16 2.4 GHz 16T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-indoor
 EX-5r 5.2-5.8 GHz 4T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-outdoor/integrated antenna
 EX-5r-c 5.2-5.8 GHz 4T1/E1 + 10/100BaseT All-outdoor/external antenna
 EX-5r IP 5.2-5.8 GHz 10/100BaseT All-outdoor/integrated antenna
 EX-5r-c IP 5.2-5.8 GHz 10/100BaseT All-outdoor/external antenna

These and other Exalt products are available through a worldwide network of registered Exalt distributors and resellers. For a complete list of products, refer to our website at

About Exalt Communications

Exalt Communications provides next generation wireless backhaul systems for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Exalt solutions address the network bottlenecks associated with the growing demand for IP-based voice, data and video applications and the resulting migration from TDM to IP-based networks. With a flexible architecture and technology-agnostic product platform covering multiple market segments, Exalt provides a full-range of carrier-class wireless backhaul solutions for any access technology as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to fiber and leased lines. For more information about Exalt Communications and its family of wireless backhaul products, please visit

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