Non-traditional service providers, particularly those proving broadband access services to businesses (B2B), find the use of point-to-point microwave for last mile connections to the business premises – “loop” connections in U.S. parlance – to be advantageous for multiple reasons:

  • Microwave systems offer higher capacities - up to 1 Gbps - than services such as xDSL carried over copper;
  • Service providers can own their own infrastructures rather than leasing from incumbent providers/competitors ("loop unbundling");
  • Microwave systems can be installed in hours or days, compared to months for new copper or fiber.

In fact, the rapid deployment characteristics and cost-effective nature of modern microwave radio systems – particularly all-outdoor systems – has given rise to a class of broadband service provider whose entire network, from edge to core, is based on microwave radio systems of varying capacities.

Exalt microwave systems are ideally suited to a microwave-centric service provider business model. With the broadest range of all-outdoor radio systems in the industry, Exalt can provide systems that are a custom-fit for the distance and capacity requirements of any given application. Options include dozens of licensed-band systems, including those in non-traditional bands such as 28 and 31 GHz, and numerous license-exempt systems, including those operating in the 24 GHz band.

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Up to 370 Mbps, Lowest Cost Per-Bit

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