Exalt Customer Care
Exalt is committed to providing the highest level of service and support for our customers. Exalt Customer Care has been founded on the team’s legacy of quality service and support.

Unlimited 8x5 phone support
Exalt provides experienced microwave engineers for phone support during normal support hours. Most calls are answered live, and calls with voicemail are returned in the order received, normally within 30 minutes.

Unlimited e-mail support
Exalt’s experienced microwave engineers respond to troubleshooting e-mails sent to the support address within 1 business day. E-mail services are also used to send RMA information, license key, regulatory key, firmware and other useful files for product support.

Two-year warranty support
Exalt offers a unique two-year service warranty on products registered within 90 days of purchase at no extra charge, compared to only 1 year of warranty coverage for unregistered or late-registered products. Registration instructions are provided on the Registration Card included with each terminal.

Extended warranty and support
Exalt Customer Care offers numerous extended support packages, from warranty extensions to advanced replacement and emergency phone support. Standard contracts are available for up to five years for all released products.

  • Warranty extension: In-warranty product repairs are covered up to 5 years.
  • Advanced replacement: A replacement product is shipped express overnight (in most cases) in case of a verified product issue.
  • 24-hour emergency phone support: An experienced microwave support engineer is available around-the-clock to assist with link and radio troubleshooting.

RMA process, repairs and evaluation
Exalt Customer Care utilizes a Return Material Authorization (RMA) process to ensure prompt return, troubleshooting, and repair or evaluation of Exalt products. An RMA is required prior to returning Product to Exalt for warranty or out-of-warranty repair/evaluation.

Out-of-box failures
Every Exalt product is fully tested to specifications over the entire operating temperature range to ensure the highest reliability and performance. In the very unlikely event that a unit is diagnosed as an out-of-box failure, Exalt Customer Care will expedite replacement and in most cases provide an advance replacement the same or next business day. An advance replacement contract is not required to receive this support. An RMA is required for any out-of-box failure.

Embedded Installation and Management Manual (PDF)
All Exalt wireless backhaul systems come with an embedded Installation and Management manual in pdf format, which can be downloaded from the system or viewed directly from the management web page. More than online help, the complete user manual is always only a click-away and always matching the currently installed firmware.

Product registration
Exalt encourages customers to register their products and enjoy the benefits of an additional year of warranty. Product registration also provides customers with the option to receive advance notice of software updates, field service bulletins, and other timely support-related communications from Exalt. In addition, let Exalt keep track of your licensed upgrades for you!

License key generation
Exalt wireless backhaul products can be software enabled to provide expanded capacity and advanced features via software license keys.

Exalt Customer Care provides product documentation, software, release notes, and field service bulletins. You must have an account prior to downloading.
Click here for the latest available downloads

Project Planning Support
Exalt’s engineering staff can assist with link and project design and planning, including:

  • Link Budget Calculation: Exalt’s engineering staff can create or verify link budgets for any radio opportunity, and make recommendations to the most appropriate product and transmission system to support a customer’s application.
  • Path Planning: Exalt’s engineering staff can provide path analysis to estimate link performance availability, and design the links to the customer’s requirements and application.
  • Bill of Materials Creation: Exalt’s engineering staff can create a bill of materials (BOM) based on your link or network requirements. This BOM will include all Exalt products and license keys along with recommendations for third-party equipment such as antennas, surge arrestors and other related transmission items.

Exalt provides many standard courses ranging from product introduction, link planning, installation, troubleshooting, commissioning and specific feature implementation. In addition to these standard courses, custom courses can be tailored to the needs of any customer. Classes are taught in live environment at Exalt facilities, public facilities and customer facilities. Many classes are also designed to be delivered through web-based live training, and remote product operation can also be accommodated. Exalt also offers field installation supervision services and training.

Product Upgrades
Exalt provides free product firmware upgrades for all released products. Product firmware can be downloaded direct from Exalt’s website and uploaded locally or remotely into Exalt products. Feature releases and maintenance releases are free of charge, while some feature implementation may require the purchase of a license key. Maintenance releases are provided past the discontinuation of products for a period of at least 5 years. Product hardware upgrades are automatically applied to any product that is returned under RMA. Products may also be sent in for hardware upgrades for a small repair/upgrade fee.

Custom Testing and Applications Engineering
Exalt’s engineers can perform specific tests on Exalt products to meet your needs. For unique applications, this can include the integration of peripheral equipment to determine compatibility, performance and proper configuration.

Field and Engineering Services
Exalt can provide experienced full turnkey services to meet the needs of any wireless telecommunication project including the following:

  • Project planning
  • Program management
  • Logistics management
  • Path, network and site planning
  • Path, network and site engineering
  • Licensing
  • Construction
  • Permits, zoning and legal consultation
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Safety engineering
  • NOC services
  • Maintenance services

Contact information
Direct Dial: +1-408-740-3622
Toll-Free USA: +1-844-EXALT-01 (1-844-392-5801)
Support email: support@exaltcom.com

Support hours
Monday through Friday: 7:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Time US.
24-hour emergency phone support is available for any terminal with the purchase of any advance replacement and emergency support package.


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