Microwave network engineers around the world are trying to find ways to simply and cost-effectively add more capacity to their licensed microwave links. All of Exalt Gigabit Ethernet radio systems offer engineers with a new tool to achieve those objectives: multi-radio, multi-band capacity aggregation without the need for external aggregation equipment.

Now, users can use one radio to aggregate capacity from up to four licensed links over a single GbE interface without using an external Gigabit Ethernet router. So, whether an extra link is operating over the same antenna infrastructure with a different antenna polarity (XPIC operation), or whether it’s a standalone link with its own antenna infrastructure, the traffic from either type can be fed into a primary radio and accessed over a single GbE port.

But engineers can’t always count on being able to add more licensed links to their sites. Exalt has a capacity expansion solution for those cases, as well. Users can combine a licensed 6 GHz GigE radio system with up to three license-exempt EX-5r GigE radio systems to achieve as much as 1 Gbps full-duplex throughput, all accessible from a single GbE port. No external switches or routers are required, nor are additional 6 GHz licenses.

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