Adaptive Modulation Extends Range and Availability
Ethernet and TDM traffic have different availability requirements. TDM demands 99.999%. Ethernet, because of its packet retransmission capabilities, connectionless nature and network packet routing characteristics has inherent redundancy that allows lower availability levels – 99.9%, for example.

What if a microwave link could be designed to achieve full target throughput at the extended range allowed by a 99.9% availability level, while still guaranteeing 99.999% availability for TDM traffic? With Exalt’s adaptive modulation available on licensed Gigabit Ethernet radio systems, it’s possible.

By dynamically adjusting modulation and, thus, system gain to offset link fade conditions, adaptive modulation ensures that the link remains available even if full throughput is not. Since TDM traffic always has the highest priority, TDM availability remains at 99.999% while Ethernet throughput is reduced to the level possible at the current modulation rate. And there’s no worry about lost or poor quality data and video traffic, since modulation shifting is hitless and jitterless.

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