Wireline carriers of all types — PTT, IXC, ILEC, and CLEC — face a set of business challenges that vary based upon role in the industry, geography-specific dynamics, and technological evolution. These challenges include:

  • commoditization of voice services and the rise of voice-over-IP as a circuit-switched voice alternative;
  • widespread replacement of consumer landline phone service with mobile phone service;
  • stresses placed upon copper infrastructure by steadily rising demand for throughput-intensive applications;
  • decoupling of revenue from customer data usage; and
  • continued rising importance of content in the value chain.

These and other trends drive, among other things, a set of decisions about the best ways to evolve service delivery architectures to accommodate both current and future service requirements and business models.

In evolving their networks, wireline carriers must always manage risk by balancing capital and operational costs. At the same time, their product and architecture decisions must take into account the broad needs of potential future services, as well as provide a scalable infrastructure that can support the growth of successful offerings.

Exalt understands this balance and, as a consequence, has designed microwave radio systems that enable network growth while protecting existing investments and enabling wireline carriers to reach and attract new subscribers with instantly deployable, higher speed, lower cost offerings. 

By supporting any combination of TDM and IP traffic, Exalt microwave backhaul systems enable carriers to continue to leverage their current infrastructures while migrating to lower cost, IP-based network architectures. And to accommodate a wide range of network requirements, Exalt systems are available in frequencies from 2 to 43 GHz, including non-traditional frequency bands such as 24, 25, 28, 29, 31, and 42 GHz and in capacities up to 1 Gbps — all with the ability to guarantee the 99.999% throughput availability fundamental to meeting customer expectations.

Exalt Introduces ExtendAir G2
Up to 370 Mbps, Lowest Cost Per-Bit

Power of 1

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