Applications such as video surveillance, storage area networking (SAN) and Studio to Transmitter (STL) broadcasting are characterized by highly asymmetric data traffic. For such applications, Exalt’s TDD radio systems are ideal because they optimize the available channel capacity to ensure the best performance.

Throughput Symmetry Chart

By exercising the throughput symmetry control feature, users can configure Exalt TDD radios for asymmetric traffic loading, supporting either a 65/35 or an 80/20 ratio in either direction of the link. With this capability, the occupied channel bandwidth can be optimized to support only the necessary aggregate capacity needs without waste while ensuring the availability of high-speed throughput in one direction.

By their nature, FDD radios cannot deliver this directional flexibility and most TDD radios offer only symmetrical transmission. 

In addition to offering symmetry control, Exalt radio systems are unique to the industry in their ability to support TDM connections in any throughput symmetry configuration, all with 99.999% throughput availability.

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