Exalt radio systems are designed to be easily managed both via NMS/EMS and directly through multiple remote and local craft options. 

Managing via NMS/EMS
Exalt radios include Management Information Base (MIBs) for remote management using any SNMP-based Network Management (NMS) or Element Management System (EMS).  Users have the option of selecting SNMPv1, v2c, v3, or any combination, depending on the type of SNMP management infrastructure that may be in place.  Users also have the ability to configure SNMP traps for proactive notification of system or link-related events pre-configured by the user.

Remote and Craft Management
Technicians can use the embedded web server in all Exalt radios to manage the system from a remote location or locally. The simple, consistent and easy to use HTTP GUI enables the management of all radio parameters

Users can also control the radio via a simple Command Line Interface (CLI). All GUI-controlled parameters are accessible through the CLI via menu options and have the same levels of security and control as the web option. The CLI can be accessed either via Telnet or via RS-232 using the serial console port in the radio’s front panel.

In-band and Out-of-band Management
All Exalt radios support both in-band and out-of band management options, providing flexibility to accommodate different site scenarios.

In-band management is a simple and convenient approach to managing remote, unattended sites with little available infrastructure.  This method allows users to manage the remote end of a link over the link itself, when no LAN or data network access is available at the far end.  No user capacity is utilized for in-band management, ensuring that the maximum throughput is allocated to the user application.

Out-of-band management allows users to access and manage radios via a local area network connection on either end of the link.  This way, both endpoints can be managed without regard to the condition of the link, thus facilitating troubleshooting and minimizing unnecessary site visits.  Users can physically separate the out-of-band management traffic from the data payload traffic and can configure VLANs to further segment the management traffic if desired. 

Embedded Radio Manual
In addition to the multiple management options, Exalt makes configuration and management easy by including the latest version of the product manual in the radio itself.  The manual is automatically updated whenever the firmware is updated, so users can always be sure they have the latest version.

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