The convergence of video, voice, and data into multimedia communications is facilitating new opportunities for collaboration and information-sharing. Nowhere are these capabilities more critical than in government operations where secure, robust, and efficient agency-to-agency communications at the Federal, state and local levels has become an imperative. Furthermore, with the advent of Wi-Fi® and WiMAX™ technologies, municipalities are embracing wireless access technology as a means to bridge the digital divide and bolster economic growth through increased tourism and business investments.

The convergence of communications and information-sharing goes hand-in-hand with the ever-increasing demand on networks to support new, bandwidth-hungry applications — such as live video streaming over a wireless network using one of the newest multimedia platforms, the smartphone. Mission critical applications, such as video surveillance using high speed IP camera clusters, continue to push the limits of existing infrastructure. These and other data-intensive applications can create bottlenecks that can cripple any network.


Exalt microwave backhaul systems break these bottlenecks and support growing needs for bandwidth, coverage, and mobility. And with the ability to support any combination of TDM and Ethernet traffic, all Exalt systems provide secure, scalable, and carrier-class alternatives to fiber or leased lines without the high operating costs. Exalt systems are available in frequencies from 2 to 43 GHz and in aggregate capacities from 25 Mbps to 2 Gbps, providing a range of options to fit countless government network scenarios.


Exalt Introduces ExtendAir G2
Up to 370 Mbps, Lowest Cost Per-Bit

Power of 1

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