In the world of financial trading, increasing network speed to support faster trades has been paramount. To do so, network operators have employed the latest in switching technology, software, TCP offload devices, and other components. But with the advent of high frequency trading (HFT), the need for speed has reached new heights. In high-frequency trading, being ahead of the competition can mean profits worth millions. HFT traders make money a fraction of a cent at a time, multiplied by hundreds of shares, tens of thousands of times per day, and every microsecond shaved off a trade can make the difference. Estimates state that more than 50 percent of all equity-trading volume in the U.S. is executed by high frequency traders, and global market estimates top 35% and growing.

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In the search for increased speed to support HFT, network operators tested traditional microwave as an alternative to fiber, and they proved its superiority for high speed transmission. For these networks, with trading and information centers often separated by hundreds of miles, the goal is ultra-low latency, and variations in transmission delay can make millions of dollars' worth of difference to high-frequency traders.

In 2010, network operators — already aware of Exalt's reputation for delivering low latency, high performance microwave systems to telecom and other network operators, approached Exalt. Improving on fiber's speed with ultra-low latency was a natural next step for Exalt. The company, founded in 2004 and whose technical staff collectively has over one thousand years of microwave experience, not only developed the breakthrough technology that exceeds fiber's near-speed of light, but delivered its ultra-low latency systems to these network operators at 1/10th the cost of fiber.

To support the growing needs and the evolution of HFT networks over the long term, Exalt offers, in addition to ultra-low latency, the greatest flexibility in frequency band selection, radio form factor, noise characteristics, reach, and availability to create the optimum network path over hundreds of miles.

With the broadest portfolio of microwave systems in the world, Exalt makes it easy for network operators to use exactly the right system for the job at each link in the network. And with single-unit sparing and license key upgrades, Exalt allows network operators to easily maintain and upgrade their networks, ensuring that the ultra-low latency network can achieve the ultimate speed at the lowest possible cost.

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