World's Fastest Single Channel Microwave Radio Systems

Fiber-speed Backhaul Capability for LTE, WiMAX and Private Networks

Starting at under US$18,000 per link, ExtremeAir™ all-outdoor systems are the world’s first fiber-speed single channel sub-60 GHz radios. The dual-carrier, XPIC-enabled ExtremeAir delivers up to 1 Gbps over distances of up to 24 miles, dramatically increasing deployment flexibility compared Gbps alternatives. Requiring only a single mounting point, ExtremeAir is designed to deliver both low up-front and low recurring costs. ExtremeAir systems are built to support high capacity Ethernet ring and aggregation sites as well as ultra-high speed point-to-point connectivity for both service provider and private networks. ExtremeAir all-outdoor systems include::

With their ultra-high channel capacity and long distance capability, ExtremeAir all-outdoor systems deliver the industry’s lowest cost per gigabit-mile. ExtremeAir systems are ideally suited for bandwidth-intensive scenarios such as high speed ring and aggregation architectures for mobile backhaulIP backhaul and fiber extension for campus and critical infrastructure environments.

ExtremeAir all-outdoor systems are part of the ExtremeAir Platform.

Licensed ExtremeAir All-Outdoor: True Gigabit Microwave
ExtremeAir all-outdoor licensed band systems shatter previous notions of microwave performance by delivering fiber capacity at up to 24 miles in one compact, all-outdoor package. With models capable of on-tower traffic aggregation of up to three spurs, hybrid Ethernet/TDM models that eliminate leased line expense, models designed to support the synchronization requirements of 4G networks and fiber-fed models, the licensed ExtremeAir all-outdoor systems rewrite the rules of microwave.




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