Uncompromised Performance, Unbeatable Price

Worldwide Best-in-Class Connectivity & Backhaul for Any Business-Critical or Mission-Critical Application Up To 200 Mbps

Starting at under US$5,000 per link, ExtendAir™ all-outdoor systems comprise a complete line of entry-level microwave radio systems delivering high-end performance, range capability and data networking and security features never before seen in this price category. Unmatched for business-critical and mission-critical connectivity and backhaul in enterprise, government and service provider organizations, all ExtendAir all-outdoor radio systems include:

ExtendAir all-outdoor systems deliver the lowest cost per megabit-mile in the category for applications such as mobile backhaul in 2G, 3G and LTE networks, IP backhaul for wireless Internet and WiMAX service providers, campus connectivity for private and public organizations and video surveillance for public safety organizations.

ExtendAir all-outdoor systems are part of the ExtendAir Platform and are currently available in the following bands: 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz,  ANSI/FCC 11 -23 GHz and ITU/ETSI 15 - 23 GHz.

Licensed ExtendAir All-Outdoor: Raising the Bar for 100 Mbps Full-Duplex Systems
ExtendAir all-outdoor licensed band systems redefine economical microwave deployment by offering the industry's first single unit sparing in an all-outdoor package. ExtendAir includes models designed to eliminate cable runs and external switches as well as hybrid Ethernet/TDM models that allows organizations to eliminate leased line expense even as they support and grow their Ethernet traffic. Put simply, the ExtendAir licensed rc series sets a new standard for cost-effective Ethernet and hybrid TDM/Ethernet backhaul.

4.9 GHz & 5 GHz ExtendAir: The First of Their Kind
The ExtendAir all-outdoor 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz systems are the first and only radios in the category explicitly designed for high performance LOS point-to-point operation. Most systems in the 4.9 and 5 GHz category are based on Wi-Fi™ or OFDM – technologies designed for best effort access and simply repurposed for point-to-point operation. Compared to these products, ExtendAir microwave radio systems offer:

  • The only native TDM capability
  • The highest single channel throughput in the category – 160 Mbps aggregate
  • The highest throughput at any distance
  • The longest range at any throughput
  • 10x to 1000x greater resistance to interference at any throughput
  • The lowest TDM and Ethernet latency – as low as 1 ms




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