All-Outdoor, 4.9 GHz Ethernet and PDH Microwave Systems for Mission-Critical Emergency Response, Public Safety and Government Applications

Starting at under US$6,000 per link, the ExtendAir® all-outdoor 4.9 GHz systems are complete line of entry-level, microwave radios delivering high-end performance, range capability and data networking and security features never before seen in this price category.

ExtendAir is the first and only radio in the category explicitly designed for high performance LOS point-to-point operation. The majority of radios in the 4.9 GHz category are based on Wi-Fi™ or OFDM – technologies designed for best effort access and simply repurposed for point-to-point operation. Compared to these systems, the ExtendAir r4900 series offers:

  • The only native TDM capability
  • The longest range at any throughput level
  • 10x to 1000x greater resistance to interference at any throughput level
  • The lowest TDM and Ethernet latency – as low as 1 ms

The ExtendAir All-Outdoor 4.9 GHz Lineup
There are six ExtendAir all-outdoor 4.9 GHz models , each designed to meet a different set of application and deployment requirements.

Maximum aggregate Ethernet throughput at 20/40 MHz (Mbps)80/16080/16080/16080/16080/160<80/160
Maximum TDM capacity    4xT1/E14xT1/E1
Base Ethernet throughput (Mbps)272727272727
Base TDM capacity (#T1/E1)    44
# Fast Ethernet ports 113311
Integrated antenna   
Native Ethernet
Native TDM    
128- and 256-bit AES encryptionopt.opt.opt.opt.opt.opt.

ExtendAir All-Outdoor 4.9 GHz Applications
The ExtendAir all-outdoor 4.9 GHz radios are designed to serve a wide range of IP/Ethernet and TDM applications, including:

  • Video surveillance backhaul. ExtendAir's variable throughput symmetry maximizes spectral efficiency in spectrum-limited environments, while collocation ability and optional 3xFE (r4905, r5005, rc4905, rc5005) simplifies dense camera placement challenges and minimizes required equipment. 
  • P25 and Land Mobile Radio backhaul. Only native TDM systems like ExtendAir can meet the latency requirements of emergency and field communications systems, ensuring the delivery of toll-quality voice.
  • Campus connectivity. Support for native TDM ensures toll-quality voice while QoS, VLAN and rate limiting allow network policies to easily extend across the link, while ensuring the quality of latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP and video.

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