World's Fastest Single Carrier Microwave Radio Systems

Unrivaled Fiber-like Backhaul Capability for LTE, WiMAX and Private Networks
Starting at under US$10,000 per link, ExploreAir™ all-outdoor systems are the fastest sub-60 GHz single carrier, single channel radio systems on the planet. Packed with advanced features designed to enhance network performance, lower the total cost of ownership and speed time-to-launch, ExploreAir systems are built to support high capacity Ethernet ring, aggregation and mesh architectures for service provider and private networks alike. All ExploreAir all-outdoor systems include:

With their high per carrier capacity and long distance capability, ExploreAir all-outdoor systems deliver the lowest cost per megabit-mile in the class for bandwidth-intensive applications such as mobile backhaul for co-located 2G, 3G and LTE nodes, ring and mesh IP backhaul for wireless Internet and WiMAX service providers, campus connectivity for 802.11n-based wireless LANs in private and public organizations and high definition or high density video surveillance for public safety organizations.

ExploreAir all-outdoor systems are part of the ExploreAir Platform.

Licensed ExploreAir All-Outdoor: Redefining the Backhaul Landscape
ExploreAir all-outdoor licensed band systems redefine the high performance microwave landscape by delivering class-leading capacity and single-unit sparing in one compact, all-outdoor package. With models designed to eliminate cable runs and external switches as well as hybrid Ethernet/TDM models that allow organizations to eliminate leased line expense even as they support and grow their Ethernet traffic, the licensed ExploreAir all-outdoor systems redefine what's possible with microwave backhaul.

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