Network designers often face a requirement to collocate multiple radio systems at a single site.  Such a configuration is commonplace, for example, in situations where a “hub” location serves as the termination point for multiple microwave paths.  Applications such as mobile backhaul, IP backhaul and video surveillance depend on such configurations in order to meet transmission requirements.

ExaltSync™ synchronization technology enables the high-density collocation of multiple Exalt TDD radio systems, providing the ability to mount radios and antennas in close proximity without the self-interference that would normally undermine such a configuration.

By ensuring that all collocated radios share the same timing signal, ExaltSync reduces antenna separation requirements and dramatically simplifies frequency planning, enabling over 8:1 channel reuse. In doing so, ExaltSync enables system designers to take advantage of the benefits of CarrierTDD, such as asymmetric transmission, while still being able to meet the need for high density hub site configurations.


ExaltSync uses the timing reference of a single radio to synchronize other collocated radio systems, whereas ExaltSync GPS uses an external GPS timing reference to maintain synchronization between collocated radios.

Exalt TDD Radio System


ExaltSync GPS

EX-i Series

EX-r Series (Fast Ethernet)


EX-r Series (GigE)


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