Split-Mount, Carrier-Class, Upgradeable Licensed Radio Systems for Medium and High Capacity TDM and Ethernet Backhaul Applications

The EX-s Series GigE split-mount microwave radios are carrier-class, point-to-point systems for the 6 to 40 GHz licensed bands (ANSI/FCC and ITU/ETSI).  Each version uses a band-independent indoor unit (IDU) that is paired with a frequency-specific outdoor unit (ODU) that is co-located with the antenna.

The EX-s Series GigE is built on Exalt's high capacity Gigabit Ethernet platform, natively supporting a wide range of PDH or SDH/SONET traffic and Ethernet capacities up to 366 Mbps full-duplex per radio carrier and 1 Gbps aggregated over a single Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port. Designed to support any mix of TDM and IP/Ethernet traffic, EX-s GigE systems offer mobile operators, government agencies and enterprises a smooth, cost-effective TDM to IP migration path. For mobile operators, the EX-s GigE easily supports mobile network evolution from 3G to HSPA/4G/LTE.

EX-s Series GigE radio systems provide 99.999% availability and offer an extensive feature set, including:

The EX-s Series GigE microwave radio systems are available in the following bands: 6 (lower), 6 (upper), 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26 and 38 GHz. All channel bandwidths are supported from 5 to 50 MHz (FCC) and 7 to 56 MHz (ETSI). EX-s GigE systems feature band-independent 1RU IDUs available in a variety of interface configurations to meet any deployment, application or migration scenario:

  • Ethernet only: 4xGbE
  • 8xT1/E1 + 4xGbE
  • 16xT1/E1 + 4xGbE
  • 16xT1/E1 + 1xDS3 + 4xGbE
  • 1-4xDS3 + 4xT1/E1 + 4xGbE
  • 1-2xOC-3 + 4xT1/E1 + 2xGbE
  • 1-2xSTM-1 + 4xE1 + 2xGbE

Like all Exalt radio systems, EX-s GigE radios are fully software configurable, easily scaling from PDH to SDH and dynamically allocating traffic between TDM and Ethernet. License key upgrades are used to augment base Ethernet capacity from 50 Mbps to 100, 200, 300 and 360 Mbps and to enable any of the TDM interfaces as needed.

 FeatureDescription and Benefits
Native TDM
  • Ensures low latency, circuit-switched performance for TDM connections
  • Maximizes radio channel efficiency by avoiding overhead associated with circuit emulation protocols
Native Ethernet
  • Ensures that the radio adds no additional packet delay, unlike systems that map Ethernet over TDM
  • Allows EX-Series GigE to offer < 100 µsec latency over Gigabit Ethernet at full throughput
  • Allows sustained throughput independent of packet size or traffic loading conditions
Adaptive modulation
  • Supports hitless, errorless and jitterless adaptive modulation over entire QPSK to 256QAM modulation range, minimizing throughput reduction during modulation downshifts
  • Modulation steps are fully user configurable (according to regulatory requirements)
  • Allows links to simultaneously support different availability levels for TDM and Ethernet
  • Ensures TDM traffic is prioritized over Ethernet under lower than designed peak modulation conditions
  • No packets or frames are lost during modulation upshift or modulation downshift
Capacity aggregation
  • Enables network designers to aggregate Ethernet traffic from up to four radios in the same or multiple bands over a single GbE interface, without use of an external router
  • Allows up to full 1 Gbps wire speed over a single GbE port
  • Existing links of non-Exalt radios can be augmented with EX-s GigE links; the full system capacity can be aggregated over a single GbE port, without use of an external router
Advanced data networking
  • QoS featuring 8 priority levels and 8 individual queues provides the highest flexibility for traffic classification
  • Administrators can choose from a variety of classification mechanisms: 802.1p bits, VLAN ID, source MAC address and destination MAC address
  • Data ports can be assigned and managed using up to 4094 VLAN IDs (802.1q) with additional port-specific Ethernet rate limiting
  • Four GbE ports, including two SFP ports, as well as a built-in layer 2 switch support any network configuration and minimize the need for external devices
  • Jumbo packet support for up to 9728 bytes over Gigabit Ethernet adds to system flexibility
High security
  • Available 128-bit and 256-bit AES provide the highest level of data security available, meeting stringent NIST FIPS 197 standards
  • Hardware-based encryption ensures that latency is unaffected when data is running over an encrypted link
  • Management traffic security can be assured through use of encrypted SNMPv3 or secure socket layer (SSL/SSH)
Advanced spectrum diagnostics
  • A spectrum analyzer is built into every EX-s GigE radio
  • Simplifies site surveys, aids in antenna alignment, installation and RSL optimization
  • Can be used for swift troubleshooting and recording of interfering signals
  • Useful tool for ongoing, remote system maintenance
Path and equipment protection
  • 1+1 Monitored Hot Standby operation offers full equipment redundancy using a single RF channel and single antenna
  • Available space diversity with errorless switching offers path protection and increases overall availability

The EX-s Series GigE radios are backed by Exalt's two-year warranty.

 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact exalt for specific IDU and frequency availability.

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