The EX-i Series of all-indoor radio systems includes licensed and license-exempt systems offering flexible, upgradeable native Ethernet and native TDM for low, medium and high capacity applications with support for up to 16xT1 and 500 Mbps aggregate Ethernet throughput.

2.4 GHz4.9 GHz5 GHz6 & 11 GHz
EX-2.4iEX-4.9iEX-5iEX-i Series GigE
EX-2.4i-16 EX-5i-16 

The EX-i Series is designed to meet the needs of organizations that:

  • Must upgrade their backhaul to support migration to LTE or TDM to IP;
  • Are replacing or upgrading existing all-indoor microwave radio equipment;
  • Need to deploy radio systems in locations where weather dictates the use of all-indoor equipment;
  • Prefer not to deploy active electronics on a tower; and/or
  • Require ready access to the physical interfaces.

EX-i radio systems offer guaranteed availability and throughput and come equipped with a rich feature set, including:

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