All-Indoor Dual-Band 5.8 & 6 GHz Hybrid Systems:
The Ultimate in Flexibility

The dual-band EX-i Series GigE all-indoor microwave radio systems are the industry’s first high capacity, high power, low latency systems supporting both the 5.8 GHz license-exempt ISM band and the FCC Part 101 Lower 6 GHz band in a single, high performance integrated system. These systems provide an exceptional degree of deployment flexibility and are the first in the world to include native TDM and native Ethernet in a semi-protected, 1.5+0 protection configuration, and a host of advanced features designed to enhance capacity, range, availability, and reliability, including space diversity path protection.

Featuring advanced capabilities and full software configurability and upgradeability in both license-exempt and licensed bands, the EX-i Series GigE 5/6 GHz systems are ideal for quick commissioning of licensed links in advance of a license award. And, with exceptional system gain at full-throughput in 5.8 GHz and 6 GHz, performance in either band is simply unmatched!

The EX-i Series GigE 5/6 GHz radio systems are designed to meet the needs of organizations that:

  • desire the flexibility of the 5.8 GHz ISM band for long range, high throughput connections with an option for licensed migration to the lower 6 GHz band
  • plan to upgrade their backhaul networks to support TDM to IP or 3G to HSPA/4G/LTE migration;
  • prefer the convenience of all-indoor equipment for access to interfaces and RF electronics;
  • prefer not to deploy active electronics on a tower;

The EX-i Series GigE 5/6 GHz radio systems offer both guaranteed link and throughput availability, and come equipped with a rich feature set, including:

  5.8 GHz 6 GHz Lower
Maximum full-duplex Ethernet throughput
per radio
187 Mbps 187 Mbps
Maximum Output Power (dBm @256 QAM) +30 +33
System Gain (dB @ 256 QAM) 99.5 102.5
Maximum TDM capacity 1xDS3 +16xT1/E1
Automatic transmit power control
Software upgradeable capacity
Native TDM
Native Ethernet
Selectable channel bandwidth
Selectable modulation up to 256QAM
Adaptive coded modulation (ACM)
Interference cancellation (XPIC) Optional
SNMP v1, v2c and v3
Secure management
802.1p (QoS)
802.1Q (VLAN)
T1/E1 cross-connect
Ethernet rate limiting
128- and 256-bit AES encryption
Built-in spectrum analyzer
Embedded manual
1.5+0, 1+1, 1.5+0SD, 1.5+1SD, 1.5+1.5SD, 1.5+1.5

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