Enterprises, hospitals, and educational Institutions relying on SONET/SDH fiber for high speed connectivity to remote data centers, off-site R&D facilities or centralized communications hubs often compromise this speed and performance with mediocre availability resulting from the well known “backhoe effect”.  

Providing redundancy using additional fiber or other leased line transmission facilities is rarely an option due to the high cost or limited backup capacity available. This leaves businesses exposed not only to backhoe-related fiber cuts but also to natural disasters that can bring down the entire Local Exchange Carrier infrastructure.  In the event of such outages, enterprises, like mobile operators, must rely on the LEC for maintenance and support to restore service.

Exalt microwave products are ideal for enterprises and mobile operators who want to take control of their infrastructure and deliver increased availability from outages and disasters. Exalt offers a wide variety of high capacity, carrier-class microwave radios for either licensed or license-exempt bands in various physical configurations.  All are cost-effective for both TDM circuits and IP data regardless of frequency band.

Exalt microwave links can be designed for tandem trunks and overflow Ethernet traffic or can operate simply as a hot standby backup to the main fiber facility.  Exalt’s radios are fully managed systems with secure SNMPv3, AES encryption security and features like VLAN support, which allow easy integration into the TDM or IP network infrastructure. Throughput is guaranteed up to 99.999% for the engineered path and latency is the lowest in the industry, making it an ideal disaster recovery and backup solution.

Exalt Introduces ExtendAir G2
Up to 370 Mbps, Lowest Cost Per-Bit

Power of 1

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