Exalt radio systems are designed for easy integration and compatibility with existing data (IP) networks. 

VLAN Support
All Exalt radio systems support the IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN Tagging) protocol, enabling three different actions:

  • Transparency. Operators can configure the radio to allow Ethernet packets with VLAN tags to be passed transparently over the radio link.
  • VLAN Awareness. Operators can specify which tagged traffic is passed, which tagged traffic is dropped and even specify to which Ethernet port packets with specified tags should be routed.
  • VLAN Tagging. Operator can tag or re-tag data traffic in order to provide additional routing information. Such an approach is used when radio equipment is being used to transport traffic from more than one business entity.

QoS Support
Exalt GigE radio systems support the 802.1p (Quality of Service) protocol, enabling radio operators to define how the radio should route packets with assigned QoS priority levels. GigE radio systems support up to eight traffic priorities and four unique priority queues, providing plenty of options for passing both low latency traffic, such as voice and video, and other traffic categories.

Layer 2 Switching
All Exalt radios include a built-in Layer 2 switch. This feature, combined with the availability of multiple Fast Ethernet and/or Gigabit Ethernet ports, allows operators to reduce or eliminate the need for external Layer 2 switches to support multiple Ethernet devices.

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