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Cobranet of Nigeria Builds Gigabit Network Backbone with Exalt

African WISP chooses Exalt for high performance systems and outstanding support

CAMPBELL, Calif. — December 11, 2013 — Exalt Communications, Inc., the leading innovator of next-generation wireless connectivity systems for private networks and Internet infrastructures, today announced that Cobranet Limited, a leading wireless Internet service provider (WISP) in Lagos, Nigeria, has deployed Exalt microwave backhaul systems to connect a backbone network that runs between its distribution points and data centers.

Cobranet delivers Internet access services to thousands of residential and business customers throughout Lagos State. Its challenge is that fiber infrastructure in the country is unreliable and does not deliver the bandwidth Cobranet needs. Using Exalt microwave backhaul systems, Cobranet has built a network backbone that delivers one gigabit per-second of Ethernet throughput. The company has already deployed more than 70 Exalt microwave links in the 7, 13, 15, and 23 GHz frequency bands and is planning to deploy more as its network grows.

“We want to be the Internet provider of choice in the areas we serve, and that means delivering high bandwidth with excellent reliability,” said Marcel Bejjani, general manager of Cobranet. “Exalt products give us the performance and reliability we need. In addition, their service and support really sets Exalt apart from other manufacturers.”

Exalt partner and distributor MEconnect of Dubai, UAE provided the microwave backhaul systems to Cobranet. MEconnect firmly believes in working for quality and customer satisfaction, values that have propelled it to a position as a leading distributor for telecom and IT solutions in the EMEA market. MEconnect supports customers and projects located primarily in the Middle East, the Levant countries, and Africa.

“As a leading distributor of telecom products in the Middle East and Africa, MEconnect prides itself on having exactly the right solution for every application,” said Georges El Gemayel, general manager of MEconnect. “With the industry’s broadest portfolio of high-performance microwave products, Exalt gives us the options we need to offer the best backhaul solution for every customer.”

“When customers choose Exalt, they are opting not only for the best microwave backhaul systems, but for world class customer support as well,” said Amir Zoufonoun, CEO of Exalt. “Our commitment to stand behind our products – and alongside our customers — is in our DNA and certainly sets Exalt apart from other manufacturers who sell and forget. That’s why Exalt is known throughout the industry as the leader in customer service and support, and how we make it easy for service providers all over the world to use our products to build high capacity, highly reliable, cost-effective networks.”

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