Guaranteed throughput
Guaranteed throughput is fundamental to carrier-class operation. Without it, those who operate networks can't provide consistent service to their customers — be they employees in a business or subscribers to mobile or Internet services.

Exalt TDD radio systems are designed to support a guaranteed, sustained throughput level over both time and distance. The guarantee comes in the form of an availability percentage, typically 99.999% ("five nines"), which is established based on a properly engineered link design and on prevailing RF conditions at the time of the deployment.

Exalt's carrier-class approach to TDD stands in stark contrast to competing TDD radios, all of which are based on either Wi-Fi or OFDM technologies that, by design, support only best effort throughputThese systems guarantee only a connection.  Exalt guarantees throughput.

Low, constant latency
IP applications such as VoIP and video are latency sensitive, requiring operation within a defined latency budget in order to maintain service quality. Other applications such as TDM-based voice services, utility infrastructure relay controls and simulcast radio for public safety depend upon both low and constant latency in order to meet precise timing constraints. 

Before Exalt, only FDD radio systems had the ability to offer the latency performance necessary to meet the requirements of such applications.

Wi-Fi and OFDM-based TDD radios simply can't provide either the low latency or the constant, predictable latency necessary to ensure the integrity of such delay-sensitive applications. These radios start off with higher latency than Exalt; then add delay in an unpredictable fashion as load increases.


Exalt's CarrierTDD-capable radio systems are the first and only radios on the market to offer the latency performance of FDD radio systems with the convenience and spectral efficiency of TDD.  With Exalt, when the user specifies a desired latency (the latency setting is selectable), that latency is guaranteed independent of load and packet size.

Monitored Hot Standby
Equipment protection in the form of 1+1 monitored hot standby has long been used by both carriers and enterprises to protect against the possibility of long-term traffic interruption.  This 1+1 and other MHS configurations are available in the vast majority of licensed FDD radio systems.

Exalt offers the first and only carrier-class TDD microwave radios on the market to support an integrated 1+1 MHS option.  This option, which is available on the EX-2.4i-16 and EX-5i-16, provides service providers and enterprises alike the ability to ensure guaranteed equipment uptime with flexibility and ease of deployment of TDD.

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