Designed for operators that have reached capacity on their 6 GHz FCC Part 101 microwave links, the capacity expansion kit enables a non-licensed approach to adding capacity those links. Using the existing transmission infrastructure, operators can add up to 200 Mbps, 16xT1 or 1xDS3 to the existing link without the need for additional licenses or costly license upgrades.

Capacity Expansion Chart
Exalt capacity expansion configuration

The capacity expansion kit can be used in conjunction with the EX-5i, EX-5i-16 or EX-5i-DS3 and any licensed radio system operating between 5.925 and 6.875 GHz. The kit requires 1 to 1.5 rack space units and typically can be installed in less than one hour per end with less than 1 dB impact to system gain.

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