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ATLink Upgrades Network Backbone with Exalt

Exalt ExtremeAir microwave systems deliver 1 gigabit per-second throughput

CAMPBELL, Calif. — November 20, 2013 — Exalt Communications, Inc., the leading innovator of next-generation wireless connectivity systems for private networks and Internet infrastructures, today announced that ATLink LLC, the largest Midwestern US wireless Internet service provider (WISP), has deployed Exalt microwave backhaul systems to upgrade a backbone network serving customers in central Oklahoma.

ATLink, based in Oklahoma City, serves primarily rural areas where fiber connectivity is nonexistent or prohibitively expensive. The company uses microwave backhaul systems to deliver traffic back to its core network. Rapid customer growth was clogging its legacy microwave network, which carried 40-80 megabits per-second (Mbps) of Ethernet traffic, so the company upgraded to Exalt ExtremeAir systems that deliver 1 gigabit per-second (Gbps) of Ethernet throughput.

“We chose Exalt ExtremeAir systems because of their high performance and carrier-grade reliability in an all-outdoor platform,” said Samual Curtis, president of ATLink. “The network was choking from customer growth, and Exalt’s gigabit throughput relieved that congestion.”

ATLink worked with Exalt partner Cielo Systems International of Lubbock, TX to deploy Exalt ExtremeAir all-outdoor microwave systems in the 11 and 18 GHz frequency bands. Although ATLink owns six towers, the ExtremeAir links are primarily located in leased space on buildings, water towers, and third-party towers, so it was important to have an all-outdoor design that could be easily deployed and which use little space. Also assisting in the deployment was STS, LLC, a microwave-engineering firm that handles design and implementation of the ATLink network.

According to Victor Sobhani, engineer at STS, Exalt’s ease of deployment was proven in May, when two tornadoes struck the Oklahoma City area and damaged one of AtLink’s network fiber connections. “ATLink was able to deploy an Exalt ExtremeAir system in one day to replace the damaged fiber,” said Sobhani. “The company used this link for six weeks without any problems while the fiber was being repaired.”

“With rapid deployment and fiber-like throughput, Exalt systems deliver the high-speed connectivity service providers need in their backbone networks,” said Joe Schraml, Exalt vice president of product line management. “In a matter of weeks, ATLink was able to transform its backbone network from a source of congestion into a platform for high customer satisfaction and future growth.”

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